Yearly Edition: Beyond the Classroom
Yearly Edition: Beyond the Classroom
Yearly Edition: Beyond the Classroom
Yearly Edition: Beyond the Classroom
Yearly Edition: Beyond the Classroom
Yearly Edition: Beyond the Classroom
Yearly Edition: Beyond the Classroom
Yearly Edition: Beyond the Classroom
Yearly Edition: Beyond the Classroom
The Teacher Collection

Yearly Edition: Beyond the Classroom

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A calming journal of self-reflection for teachers, by teachers. 

Our Beyond The Classroom (Yearly Edition) journal exists to help you switch off, return to the present and ultimately – shift your perspective. As a teacher, you give so much of yourself to the classroom. You’re faced with sky-high expectations – yet given minimal tools, resources and time to fulfil them. It’s a safe space where dedicated teachers can return to themselves. A space where they can set boundaries between school life and home life. 

Our Beyond The Classroom (Yearly Edition) journal contains four terms worth of reflection, perfectly curated for the school year. By building up your personal capacity, you will make space for more meaningful relationships – with yourself and others. You will rewire your brain to focus on the good in each day. Pop it in your handbag, on your bedside table or in your favourite, relaxing space. All it takes is two minutes a day.


  • Option to add the Leadership Affirmations and quote pen to your order


  • 100% Australian made and printed
  • 4 x 11 weeks of prompts and reflection starters
  • Undated-start whenever you like!
  • Reflection reset after each term
  • A space to write recurring day numbers to keep track of your progress
  • Option to track and record two habits
  • Research-based prompts that only take two minutes or less
  • Weekly reflections to enhance your practice 
  • A calming, earthy and minimalistic layout 
  • Free shipping with every purchase

How To Use:

The Beyond The Classroom journal is designed to be a daily practice. Find a time each day that works for you, and make this time special. Choose a peaceful, still space to write and reflect – whether that’s your garden or bedroom. And remember, there will be moments when you’re tired and overworked, but we encourage you to keep on going. 


  • 220 pages
  • A5 size 
  • 120gsm internal paper
  • Wire bind and linen laminate cover
  • Weight: 400gm

Domestic & International Returns: 

Information on your rights as a consumer are outlined on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website. Under these rights, The Teacher Collection will provide consumers with a refund or replacement for any defective orders, provided they are brought to our attention (via email) within 14 days of receiving the product. Refunds or replacements will not be provided for change of mind purchases. Questions regarding returns can be emailed to Refunds or replacements outside of this 14-day timeframe are not guaranteed and will be at the discretion of The Teacher Collection. The Teacher Collection will not be responsible for any damages or loss of item once the parcel is lodged with Australia Post. 


Is this journal only for teachers? 

At the Teacher Collection, our goal is to help teachers overcome the challenges of such a demanding role. In saying that, this journal can be used by anyone who is looking to further themselves. The prompts within the journal are not specific to teachers, so anyone can benefit regardless of their profession. Please note, you’ll find some research and information at the beginning of the journal that is specific to those within the education profession. 


Are the prompts the same each day? 

No, we have three sets of prompts that are rotated throughout the week, each on different days. This means that you won’t have two days in a row of the same prompts. So, why did we make it like this? Utilising a smaller range of prompts creates repetition and begins to draw your attention to those thoughts, even when you're not journaling. It can help to integrate gratitude and thanks into your everyday life. 


Is this dated? 

No dates are included in the journal, which means you can pick it up and begin whenever you like, whether that be mid-week or mid-term, allowing you to take more control of your wellbeing. 


Why is each section only 11 weeks long? 

Unlike other gratitude journals, the Beyond the Classroom journal is research-based. We know that it can take between 18-254 days to form a habit. So, after 77 consecutive days of practise, it’s likely that your gratitude journal is starting to become a habit. Signs it’s becoming a habit are that it requires less effort for you to remember – and it feels like a necessary part of your routine. Another reason it’s only 11 weeks long is that it can be overwhelming holding a book with endless blank pages. So, we've split ours up into a shorter, less-daunting version. One that perfectly aligns to the length of a school term.