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Wellbeing Hub Membership - LAUNCHING MARCH

Wellbeing Hub Membership - LAUNCHING MARCH

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2023 Wellbeing Hub - LAUNCHING MARCH

It’s difficult trying to explain to anyone who isn’t a teacher the unique challenges of being in a school. They’re not in the system, so they just don’t get it. This can make it frustrating when we need to vent and debrief, or when you need help problem solving something. The support network around us can work hard to be there when we need it, but sometimes, as hard as they try, it’s just not quite hitting the mark.

Do these sound familiar?

  • You have a passion for teaching and helping young people thrive
  • Your wellbeing takes big dips throughout the term and you feel like you limp to the holidays
  • You want to strengthen your emotional awareness with skills that will apply not just to you as a teacher, but as a person
  • You’re determined to put things in place so that you can find flow all the time, not just during school holidays
  • You’re not ready to wait for the education department to develop policy and guidelines to support teacher wellbeing
  • You want to take action to support yourself right away

…in comes the Wellbeing Hub. 

What is it?

A small group support network for teachers wanting to take control over their wellbeing. This is for teachers who want to champion their own wellness, put themselves first and explore evidence based strategies to create a strong personal wellbeing space.

These small group hubs (maximum 6 people) are designed so that your personal needs, learning goals and areas of interest can be targeted and catered for. It’s easy to get lost in larger groups. Having a small group like this gives everyone a voice and the opportunity to share during sessions. Exploring wellbeing content can be a vulnerable space so having a small group creates a safe and secure environment. 

When does it start?
We work together for the whole of Term 2. By term 2, we’ve got an idea of what our school and school year looks like, and we’ve begun to settle not just our students but ourselves into the school routine. The chaos and uncertainty of term 1 has gone, and we are more settled personally and professionally. Also, as we come into report writing season, we often need to have extra wellbeing supports in place. 

What does it involve?

  • Fortnightly zoom Workshop sessions on set topics such as assessing our wellbeing, barriers & enablers, recognising and labelling emotions and creating a personal wellbeing plan, as well as flexible sessions where the focus can revolve around the group’s needs
  • Weekly wellbeing group call & check in
  • Tailored sessions based on the needs of group members
  • Access to printable templates resources to support reflection and planning and save your valuable time
  • A wellbeing network of teachers who ‘get it’ and provide support for you as a person inside and out of the classroom
  • 50 page workbook with key research and worksheets to unpack content and support application into your context
  • A space in the private Facebook group to share resources and access support from myself and other members in the Hub
  • A Beyond the Classroom term length gratitude journal posted to you

Optional Extras

  • 1:1 wellbeing support through Voxer (alongside the Hub support) to meet you where you’re at and support growth. I’m in your pocket whenever you need a chat, debrief, have a question or are looking for some resources. 
  • 3 x 30 minute individual Zoom calls across the term 

What’s my time investment?

To get the best out of the mentorship, I suggest a time investment of 90 minutes a week. This allows you to get the best out of the learning sessions and apply the content to your context. This includes obviously a chunk of time for the Zoom session, but also pockets of time (up to 10 minutes) each day to put those strategies into play and create strong, lasting habits.

Still note sure if this is the right group for you? I get it. Let’s book in a chat and see if this will be a good fit for you. 

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So what do I get?

By being a part of the Wellbeing Hub, you’ll be able to:

  • Access current research in the wellbeing space and explore the possibilities for teachers
  • Network with like-minded teachers, who can provide a unique support and knowledge network for you as a teacher and as a person
  • Find flexibility with a program that evolves and modifies around your needs and interests
  • Structure a strong habit that meets all the dimensions of wellbeing 
  • Develop an awareness of your wellbeing strengths and barriers
  • Dip into a repertoire of strategies available to support your wellbeing
  • Use resources and templates to save your valuable time 
  • Create clearer flow between your life as a teacher and as a person 
  • This is the program for you if...

    • You want a wellbeing pathway that is tailored to your strengths, interests and passions
    • You want wellbeing strategies based on research
    • You are looking for resources and templates to support your wellbeing
    • You’re seeking a supportive, judgement-free space to share and learn
    • You want to take ownership and responsibility over your wellbeing now rather than wait for departmental programs to come into play
    • You want to work alongside a safe, respectful and knowledgeable community of like-minded teachers who share a common goal

You're probably wondering...

Why am I the best person to lead this program?

I’m currently a teacher and have been teaching for the past eight years. I get it. I know what it’s like and I’m going through the education system right now alongside you. I understand the contemporary challenges of being a teacher. I also work in a regional, high disadvantage setting, so I understand the additional unique set of challenges that come with that context.

I’m constantly reading and accessing the research, reviewing current studies and considering the implications for teachers. Not only is this a job for me, but it’s an area I’m passionate about. As well as having undertaken significant professional learning within this area, I’ve also completed a Masters of Evidence Based Teaching (University of Melbourne), with the focus of that being in the wellbeing space. 

Most importantly though, I care. I care about our teachers, the challenges they face. We have kids within our education system that really need us. We are their person, and when we give so much to them, day in and day out, the toll on us can be immense. We can wait the 10+ years it could take to develop policies and a clear, coordinated approach to support teacher wellbeing, or we can take ownership of our own wellness now. It fills my cup being able to support my colleagues.