Staff & Wellbeing Bingo
Staff & Wellbeing Bingo
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Staff & Wellbeing Bingo

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Wellbeing & Staff Bingo

This is a digital download resource.

 Have some fun and a laugh with this Staff bingo resource. Filled with relatable teacher moments that you're bound to come across during your day. Mark them off and go for the win!

Flip the emphasis onto wellbeing with Wellbeing bingo. Encourage your team to experience the 20 different wellbeing activities with a focus on lifting up and connecting with our colleagues.

Print out enough copies for your teaching unit/team or your whole staff. Set out the timeframe for your bingo challenge and away you go!


  • 2 versions of Staff bingo
  • 1 version of Wellbeing bingo
  • blank and colour bingo templates


Teaching is complex and emotionally charged work. There are an extensive range of factors that contribute to the wellbeing of teachers, both within and external to our control.

 Firstly, this resource aims to build relationships between colleagues in a fun and non-threatening way. By providing a shared experience, this resource can be the launchpad for conversations and conversations with colleagues who may not usually cross paths.

 Also, it provides staff with a safe way to trial a range of wellbeing strategies. Wellbeing is interconnected, complex and deeply personal, with no 'one size fits all' blanket approach. In this resource, the focus is on the power connection and gratitude have in relation to wellbeing.