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The Teacher Collection

A Moment for Teachers

A Moment for Teachers

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A Moment for Teachers

Quote cards to nurture, support, inspire and motivate.

Created for teachers, by a teacher – our affirmation and quote cards exist to nurture, support, inspire and motivate. They’re here to remind you that even on the toughest of days, there will always be a community of teachers that stand with you.

Select a card each morning to inspire your day or use them in the afternoons to reflect and journal with. Display them on your desk, pop them on your whiteboard or clip one into your diary.  Find stillness, breathe out and enjoy a moment of calm amidst the chaos.

Volume 1

Friend of The Teacher Collection, Georgie from Lordy Dordie, has created this beautiful Wattle artwork to accompany Volume 1. This set of 16 quote cards carries a calming and nostalgic presence - just what you might need in the chaos of a classroom! This volume includes quotes like:

  • You are capable of anything, but not everything.
  • All you can do is show up and do your best each day.
  • Each day you’re in the classroom, you’re showing up and making a young person feel seen, heard and valued.
  • You’re not the first teacher to feel this way and you won't be the last.
  • The perfect classroom and the perfect teacher don't exist.
  • Find the good in every day.

Volume 2

Featuring Rainbow Gingham artwork by our friend Georgie from Lordy Dordie, this set of 16 quote cards will bring a drop of dopamine into your classroom, office or desk. This volume includes quotes like:

  • Nothing without joy.
  • Connection before correction.
  • You deserve the same kindness and compassion you show your students.
  • Nothing changes if nothing changes.
  • Instead of looking for perfection, be you!
  • Sometimes what’s needed most has nothing to do with your lesson plan.


What's included:

Each 'set' will include:

  • 16 single sided quote cards featuring a quote on one side and artwork by  Georgie from Lordy Dordie on the reverse
  • Acknowledgement of Country card
  • Ideas for using your new 'A Moment for Teachers' card collection
  • Calico storage bag
  • Tasmanian Oak wooden stand
  • Gratitude Notepads in the same colour way as your cards as an optional added extra


Gratitude Notepads as an Optional Extra

Gratitude notepads can come in the same colour way as your cards and your get TWO of them. Simply add this optional extra at the checkout. 

Bulk Orders

We know buying for a teaching unit, team or staff group can be costly. We've included some bulk ordering options to make this process easier for you! For example, if you're ordering a Bulk Order of 10 sets, you'll get:

10 x card sets, 10 x calico bags, 10 x Tasmanian oak wooden stands [and 20 x Gratitude Notepads if you select this option]. 

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So what do I get?

By being a part of the Wellbeing Hub, you’ll be able to:

  • Access current research in the wellbeing space and explore the possibilities for teachers
  • Network with like-minded teachers, who can provide a unique support and knowledge network for you as a teacher and as a person
  • Find flexibility with a program that evolves and modifies around your needs and interests
  • Structure a strong habit that meets all the dimensions of wellbeing 
  • Develop an awareness of your wellbeing strengths and barriers
  • Dip into a repertoire of strategies available to support your wellbeing
  • Use resources and templates to save your valuable time 
  • Create clearer flow between your life as a teacher and as a person 
  • This is the program for you if...

    • You want a wellbeing pathway that is tailored to your strengths, interests and passions
    • You want wellbeing strategies based on research
    • You are looking for resources and templates to support your wellbeing
    • You’re seeking a supportive, judgement-free space to share and learn
    • You want to take ownership and responsibility over your wellbeing now rather than wait for departmental programs to come into play
    • You want to work alongside a safe, respectful and knowledgeable community of like-minded teachers who share a common goal

You're probably wondering...

Why am I the best person to lead this program?

I’m currently a teacher and have been teaching for the past eight years. I get it. I know what it’s like and I’m going through the education system right now alongside you. I understand the contemporary challenges of being a teacher. I also work in a regional, high disadvantage setting, so I understand the additional unique set of challenges that come with that context.

I’m constantly reading and accessing the research, reviewing current studies and considering the implications for teachers. Not only is this a job for me, but it’s an area I’m passionate about. As well as having undertaken significant professional learning within this area, I’ve also completed a Masters of Evidence Based Teaching (University of Melbourne), with the focus of that being in the wellbeing space. 

Most importantly though, I care. I care about our teachers, the challenges they face. We have kids within our education system that really need us. We are their person, and when we give so much to them, day in and day out, the toll on us can be immense. We can wait the 10+ years it could take to develop policies and a clear, coordinated approach to support teacher wellbeing, or we can take ownership of our own wellness now. It fills my cup being able to support my colleagues.