All you need on those tough days!
The daily reminders can be all you need on those tough days, after a tough lesson, meeting or parent conversation. It's that little spark to remind you why you do what you do. They are a breath of fresh air, like a smile from a friend. A little reminder that you most definitely have got this!
- Mel


Go a long way!
I think what you do is awesome! These cards will help so many teachers especially on those hard days where they may be swamped with so much to do in so little time. The small reminders go such a long way.
- Sarah


I adore my cards!
I absolutely adore my cards!! I use them on my study desk at home (I'm a casual teacher so don't have a permanent desk). I have just finished my final prac and bought a set for my supervising teacher and she loves them as much as I do!! I love the beautiful images on each card and they are packaged with love and care. I also love that they come with the little stand so they are easy to display. Absolutely LOVE.
- Elyse


You've made a difference in my life!
So far I've purchased a set for myself, my sister (also a teacher) and as a surprise for one of my best friends. I absolutely LOVE the cards and the messages they carry. They're beautifully designed (both the cards and the stand). I change them frequently and use them to reflect on my teaching. They've gotten me through some really challenging days this year, but have also been a gentle reminder to stop and celebrate the small wins. They're the best of both worlds. Thank you so much for all that you do for our teaching community. We're so lucky to have such passionate and committed teachers like you, and I can honestly say that you've made a difference in my life.
- Katie


My reminder spring stressful times!
I use my cards on my desk at home and at school. My kids found my favourite card and we had a beautiful reflection on what it meant to them. They're Grade 2! It was so precious. They are a simple reminder during stressful times that what we are doing is important.


Great choice of different quotes
I love the overall look and are a really nice little pick-me-up after a tough day at work. I have always used quote stands but it is so lovely to have a tailored quote pack specifically made for teachers. They look beautiful and sit nicely on my desk. There is a great choice of different quotes.
- Angie