Attitude of Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude isn’t anything new.

Appreciating and giving thanks for what and who is around us helps cultivate a more meaningful life.

It also creates connections between colleagues, building relationships based on trust, vulnerability and respect. When we explain how another person’s efforts have made us feel, we also strengthen our own emotional literacy. Identifying and naming emotions is a skill and something that can be challenging.

About the Challenge

The content within this challenge isn’t original or new either. It’s been in the research for some time and this challenge is about repurposing it and applying it to a teaching context.

You’ll learn practical strategies to implement an ‘attitude of gratitude’ into your personal and teaching context. There will be a mini daily challenge for you to help create those gratitude habits. You’ll have access to resources and links to the research.

How do I join?
This FREE challenge is run through our Instagram, 
@the.teacher.collection each weekday will come with a new piece of research related to creating your own Attitude of Gratitude.