Journalling-how to begin.

Journalling-how to begin.

Journalling-how to begin.

Positive psychology focuses on the positive influences that underpin wellbeing. It explores positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishments – all factors which protect us against burnout, isolation, boredom and lack of autonomy.

The more we express what we appreciate, the more we realise what abundance and richness our lives can be filled with. It's not necessarily the big and bold things we need to express gratitude for. Relatively smaller things like a yummy lunch, a smile from a stranger, a new flower or the warmth of the sun can be impactful when you notice them.


So, how do I do it?

Find a place where you feel at peace. This could be outside on a chair, sitting on the couch or lying on your bed before you go to sleep. Block out 5 minutes for yourself. It might help to set a timer (this helps me keep on track). Open your journal and write.

If you’re like me, the thought of just opening to a blank page and writing is overwhelming, and honestly, has put me off journaling for a long time. Sometimes, I can have so many thoughts, it can be difficult to go with a single one. I prefer to have a prompt to give me some sense of direction to begin with. The Bliss Bean has journal prompts you can use. 

Whether you are responding to prompts or just writing down whatever pops in your head, giving yourself permission to write without judgement is important. You are writing for yourself. Unless you choose to, nobody has to or will be seeing the pages within this journal. If you do find yourself holding back some truth on your journal pages, sit within that space and consider what deeper perspectives this may be uncovering. 


Finding the 'why' here is important.

Unpack the details. Consider why that person, event or moment in time made you feel how you did. Name the emotions you felt. Sharing your gratitude with someone adds a deeper layer to our own sense of appreciation, and helps them feel valued, important and connected.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to journal.

Check out this free printable journal [Gratitude Journal with Prompts] we have available to help you start your journalling habit.
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