Anxious about back to school?

Anxious about back to school?

Anxious about back to school?

Feeling anxious about heading back to school? Firstly, I guarantee you’re not the only one feeling like this. How? I’m a little anxious about it too! The first couple of days can be filled with much more chaos and uncertainty than we’re used to. It can be challenging for us to find our feet. Here’s some tips to help us navigate this space:

Get it down

Grab a bit of paper and create a list of all that’s on your mind. Getting it out can help stop us from ruminating and going over and over it in our minds. Write it down. Let it be. 

Talk it out

When we say out aloud what’s going on in our mind, sometimes we can realise how small or solvable our problems or worries are. It can help to have someone there to listen and echo back to you what they’re hearing you say. This can help us reframe our worries. Also, as the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved.


Focus on what’s in your control. Can you control your kids’ behaviour? No. Can you create a clear and consistent morning routine? Yes. Consider if you’re worrying about something you have any power to change. 

A need or nice?

Does the task need to be done, or would you like it done? Consider if you’re placing added pressure onto yourself that doesn’t actually need to be there. It can be helpful to prioritise tasks so you can see where your energy needs to be directed to first.
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