Pocket PD with Amy Green

Pocket PD with Amy Green

Pocket PD with Amy Green from The Wellness Strategy

Welcome back to episode two of the Pocket PD series, where we have special guest Amy Green from The Wellness Strategy. We had a false start with our technology, which brought my smugness back down to earth. 

Amy's Pathway

The Wellness Strategy began after Amy returned from London and she noticed an increase in workload and administration in the teaching profession as well as a jump in the number of teachers asking for support and struggling. She knew she couldn’t ignore it. Back then, struggles of teachers were very much swept under the carpet, with encouragement to climb the Leadership ladder as the only solution to these challenges. 

Amy helps people understand that looking after themselves is intentional and needs a strategy - not something to be left to chance. She advocates for wellbeing across two key areas - Everyday wellbeing and Workplace wellbeing - and the way we need balance across these two areas.


Everyday vs Workplace Wellbeing

We as individuals shoulder the responsibility for our Everyday wellbeing - our efficacy, our resilience and our behavioural strategies. Our schools contribute to our Workplace Wellbeing through administrative changes as well as providing opportunities for connection, professional growth and support. 

We touch on the flow and connection between Everyday and Workplace wellbeing. Rather than tackling these separately, Amy encourages us to approach these from a unified perspective, acknowledging the interrelationships between them. Just like for the kids in our classrooms, Amy encourages us to understand that what happens and what we put into place at home impacts the sort of person and teacher we are at school, and vice versa. 

Looking for more from this conversation? Download Amy’s One Pager here or listen to the full Instagram Live episode on @the.teacher.collection instagram page.

Pocket PD brings 10 minutes of knowledge sharing and insights into wellbeing from those within the field of education. Whether it’s from a professor or a pre-service teacher, we all have experiences and knowledge to share. We also believe access to professional learning shouldn’t be restricted by where you live - rural and remote teachers we see you!
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