Pocket PD with Jacqueline Leigh from The Teacher’s Notebook

Pocket PD with Jacqueline Leigh from The Teacher’s Notebook

Pocket PD with Jacqueline Leigh from The Teacher’s Notebook

We have Jacqueline Leigh from The Teacher’s Notebook, as our guest this episode and you’ll see how challenging I found it to stick to our 10 minute time allowance! Jacquelione highlights the need for us to try different wellbeing strategies because - surprise surprise- we are all different, so what works for one teacher may not be as supportive for another teacher. This is ok and all part of what makes us unique! 

What's a brain break?

We know brain breaks for our students, but as teachers, we can use them for ourselves all the time. Pretty much, a brain break is an intentional pause to give ourselves the space we need to give ourselves clarity. A brain break can be weaved into our existing daily routines which is helpful considering we all go home to different lives after our day in the classroom. 

Before getting into the school community, using your commute as a brain break is a great strategy to reset and take some time for yourself before the day starts. This might involve listening to a pump up playlist (Can recommend Zoe Foster Blake’s Main Character Energy playlist on Spotify) or popping on a favourite podcast. Some people like to use the car ride in to call a loved one and have a chat. Connecting and checking in with others has so many other benefits - both for them and you. 

How you set up your day. Do you like music? Pop some music on while you’re doing some admin in your room before your day starts or whilst you’re setting up the morning session.Got a diffuser? Pop your favourite scent in. Can you make yourself a cuppa? Mindfully setting yourself up and reflecting on the state you want to enter your day in can be rejuvenating and give you a positive start.

Our senses are key!

There’s not one size fits all when it comes to wellbeing, so we shouldn’t be feeling shameful or embarrassed if a strategy doesn't work for you. Jacqueline also highlights the role our senses play in brain breaks. Giving ourselves something else to focus on - aside from what’s going on in our minds - can help break that anxiety or challenging feelings cycle. This might be pausing to lock in on three sounds we can hear, or scanning the room with our eyes and naming five things of the same colour. Yes, whilst this does not delve into the causes of those feelings, it does give us a strategy to get through the day. 

Looking for more from this conversation? Download Jacqueline’s One Pager here or listen to the full Instagram Live episode on @the.teacher.collection Instagram page here.

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