Pocket PD with Dale Sidebottom

Pocket PD with Dale Sidebottom

Pocket PD with Dale Sidebottom from Jugar Life and Energetic Education

This episode we spoke to Dale Sidebottom, the brains behind Jugar Life and Energetic Education. Dale is a play consultant, supporting schools, organisations and corporations to integrate more play into their daily operations. Like our previous Pocket PD Guest Amy Green, the lightbulb moment happened for Dale when he was teaching over in London and experiencing some challenging student behaviour. He knew he needed to approach his classes differently and threw in a few games one morning just to see what might happen. 

Connection Before Content

This connection before content approach has been a pivotal moment in Dale’s approach to teaching and working with people. He speaks about the ability for play to bring us to the present, highlighting that when we play we forget everything else our day has brought and is yet to bring. Regardless of who you’re working with, everyone needs and wants to play. Dale highlights the key to making play a success is removing the limelight off a single person and making sure there’s no winners or losers. 


Play-Based Mindfulness

When the focus is on a single person, we’re so fixated on what we’re going to share for our turn, chances are we aren’t even listening to the person sharing. When we work in pairs or small groups, this focus shifts off the single person. The Clapping 1-2-3 Fitness Game we speak about in the live I’ve used multiple times since and the kids just thrive. Dale reminds us that play isn’t about winning, it’s not about being the best. The focus is on enjoyment and fun. Removing this goal orientation and focussing on the process helps intentional play become a form of mindfulness. 

Looking for more from this conversation? Download Dale’s One Pager here or listen to the full Instagram Live episode on @the.teacher.collection instagram page here.

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