The Teacher Collection X Wine with Teacher

The Teacher Collection X Wine with Teacher

Wine with Teacher Magazine

Rural, Regional and Remote Teachers of Australia

Sometimes it was the sunrise over the wheat crops that I’d notice most. The way you’d drive over a rise and see the first glimpses of that warm morning sun, flickering in between the trees, giving the crops that golden glow. Other times, I’d get a laugh watching the lambs playing on the sides of the dam or running up and down the fence line, their tails shaking with glee. Of course, there were also mornings where I wished that hour drive didn’t exist. Where I wished I could drive 15 minutes across town and walk into school gates, a far cry from the hour it took most mornings if I didn’t dawdle.

Podcaster and Editor, Ceri Sandford, is excited to share a NEW WINE WITH TEACHER monthly magazine that every preservice, current and retired teacher can find relatable. 40+ PAGES of stories, interviews, recommendations, and resources.


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