Hi, I'm Lill.

Hi, I'm Lill.

This Is The Teacher Collection 

Hey, I see you there – the teacher who isn’t afraid of a little hard work. You’re empathetic, driven and juggling a million things at once. You’re wearing all those different hats and struggling to devote your time, energy and care across a room full of kids. 

I created The Teacher Collection to provide a safe space where you can go to feel uplifted, reinvigorated and fueled with motivation. To spark a moment of joy amidst the chaos – and most importantly, to remind you that you’re not alone. 


G’day, I’m Lill – Founder Of The Teacher Collection

I’ve always admired those kids who have had it a bit tougher in life. You know, the fighters. The ones that are too harshly judged by their physical appearance or behaviours. Sure, we all have challenges, but some kids have their odds stacked up against them from the moment they’re born. I’m a teacher because I believe in these kids. 

But I don’t think there’s a university degree that could have ever prepared me for my first year of teaching. Finding my feet in a rural school in central Victoria was a shock to the system - I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out. I knew if I didn’t take a break I would become a statistic – the 1 in 5 who leave teaching in their first 2 years. I knew I had to make a change. 

What Life On The Road Taught Me About Creating A Familiar Space 

On an adventurous attempt to reignite my love for teaching, my partner (now husband) and I took a year off to travel around Australia. I acted as a casual relief teacher in each major town we passed through – briefly stepping into the lives of kids from so many walks of life. 

Working in rural schools was familiar to me. I love the infectious sense of community and laid-back attitude. But in these smaller schools, teachers are often required to become skilful multitaskers. They’re met with challenges that you just don’t get in larger school systems. 

 This was what inspired The Teacher Collection. I created affirmation cards so I could create a gentle, safe space on my desk (wherever that was at the time). I would look to these cards for support, guidance and positivity – lifting me up on the toughest of days. I’d glance at it, take a deep breath and carry on. 

“For me, words have immense power. It was a long process of selecting which quotes and affirmations would be included in The Teacher Collection”


From One Teacher, To Another 

From the paper, to the artwork to the packaging – The Teacher Collection affirmation cards are 100% Australian made and inspired. As I wrap each order, I smile and think about how these small reminders will make a big difference to your day. 

For me, it’s so much more than making a sale. It’s creating a support network to strengthen emotional and mental wellbeing within our teachers. I’m here to share what I know – and to grow and connect alongside teachers just like you. 

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